Friday, August 1, 2008

Awesome e-book

Okay. As most everyone knows, I have had a Virtual Legal Assistant business since May 2006. The other day I was proofreading a new e-book that Danielle Keister, the founder of the VACOC, was putting out. It's entitled Understanding Your Value: How to Craft Your Own Unique Value Proposition and Cash In on Value-Billing Methodologies.

Well, I was going along, proofing this book, just like I had agreed to, when all of a sudden I found myself actually reading it! This book is awesome. It so totally changed the way I thought about what I do and how I present it, that I went right in to my website and reworded my entire payment page! I can't say enough about this book. I am printing it out and going to go through the steps she suggests to get my mind, and business, in the right place to grow exponentially.

So, I recommend this book for each and every VA that is out there, whether your business is just beginning or you're a seasoned veteran. You can't go wrong with it, and who knows, you may just learn a thing or two! :-)

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Anonymous said...

that does sound like an awesome book!

virtual personal assistant

Denise said...

Thanks Arlene - it truly is. If you are a newbie or a seasoned VA, you can't help but learn something from this book! :-)