Monday, July 28, 2008

Winding down

Well, our crazy days of summer are finally winding down. All camps are over, as are all vacations. The only thing we have left to get through are two birthday parties. My son will be 14 on Aug. 1, and my daughter will be 7 on the 10th. So, I am gearing up for those.

My son wants to invite a few friends over and camp out in the back 40. I'm not too sure I trust a bunch of 14 year old boys to not get too mischievous and do something that they ought not do. So, we will have to see about that one.

My daughter, on the other hand, wants to have a pool party. That is well within reason. I just have to get the invitations, get them addressed and sent out within the next week and viola - her wish granted! :-D

In between planning those two parties, I am also trying to get our homeschool schedule set for next year. We are going to have Grammar, Bible, Math, Reading, Science, and hopefully Latin (I still have to get that curriculum). We are going to be doing more notebooking this year than we did last so hopefully the girls will enjoy it as well.

I'm also trying to fit work into this crazy life of mine. It's been a bit slow for a month or so (thank goodness) but now it can start ramping up once again.

Until next time.


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