Thursday, August 7, 2008

VA Survey press release

Virtual Assistants flock to participate in the 2008 Virtual Assistant Industry Survey

Frustrated by inaccurate media portrayals and industry outsiders miseducating their marketplace, Virtual Assistants head in droves to partake in the third annual Virtual Assistant Industry Survey.


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Beaverton, Michigan, August 7, 2008—Virtual Assistants are fed up. They've had it with inaccurate media portrayals and reporters who don't get the facts right. They're sick of exploitive industry outsiders who don't understand the Virtual Assistance business misinforming their marketplace. They're tired of constantly having to explain the difference between an employee and an independent service provider. And they're having their say about it all by participating in this year's third annual Virtual Assistant Industry Survey.

Every August marks the time of year when Virtual Assistants can contribute to the statistics and body of knowledge that is improving the industry's understanding of itself and the education of its market. Sponsored by the Virtual Assistance Chamber of Commerce, over 10,000 Virtual Assistants from around the globe are invited to participate. Created by Virtual Assistants (the folks who know the industry best!), the Virtual Assistant Industry Survey is the most comprehensive and in-depth survey in the Virtual Assistant profession. With 101 questions, the survey includes detailed cross-sectional data that represents every area of the industry. It offers unprecedented information about individual and business demographics, market data, and services. Other survey topics include:

  • Education, experience and credentials
  • Employees and subcontractors
  • Clients and target markets
  • Hours and services
  • Pricing and income
  • Training and continuing education
  • Marketing and networking
  • Success, profitability and entrepreneurship
  • Standards, Ethics and Educating the Public

Denise Shears, a Virtual Legal Assistant in Michigan, and owner of Shears Virtual Advantage at, made haste to be included in the survey. “I participated because I believe that the business industry needs to be informed correctly as to just what a Virtual Assistant is and what we do for our clients. This survey will help to show that VA’s are not just fly by night businesses run by stay-at-home moms, but that we are also business owners who have upper level administrative experience in our past and who truly enjoy helping clients succeed.”, states Denise Shears.

"Thousands of writers, reporters, and journalists have access to the Virtual Assistant Industry Survey. It gives them all the information they need to write the articles and profiles that more accurately portray our profession and educate our marketplace. That's why it is so very important that every Virtual Assistant take a moment to participate," stresses Danielle Keister, founder of the Virtual Assistance Chamber of Commerce.

The 2008 Virtual Assistant Industry Survey is open to all professional Virtual Assistants. A copy of the 2008 Virtual Assistant Industry Survey Report will be provided at no charge to every participating Virtual Assistant at the end of the survey period. Virtual Assistants can participate by visiting

ABOUT THE VACOC: The Virtual Assistance Chamber of Commerce is a professional association committed to empowering business-minded Virtual Assistants to grow smarter, more successful practices and providing business owners with free tools and resources to connect with reputable, qualified Virtual Assistant professionals. To learn more about Virtual Assistance and its professional providers, visit the VACOC website at

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