Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Take Charge of the Delegation Process (and Make More Money, Too!)

DATE: Thursday, April 16, 2009
TIME: 5pm PST / 6pm MST / 7pm CST / 8pm EST
DURATION: 60 minutes (call in 10 min. early to secure your seat)

WHO SHOULD ATTEND? This class is just for Virtual Assistants. Any Virtual Assistant who wants to take charge of the delegation process, better support clients and who have purchased my Activity & Time Analysis Tool (GDE-37) or are interested in it should plan to attend. Invite your Virtual Assistant buddies! If you know some folks who would like to attend, feel free to copy and paste the contents on this page, and post invitations on the forums, listservs and groups you participate in.

Danielle K.Many clients (maybe even most) struggle when it comes to delegation. When they hire a Virtual Assistant, they expect her to be the expert and to guide them in this process. But many Virtual Assistants aren't taking that proactive, professional role in their own businesses. In the process, not only are they creating a burden on their own clients and not supporting them as fully and professionally as they could, but they are also missing out on opportunities to make more money.

When I created my Activity & Time Analysis Tool (GDE-37), it was to devise a more methodical, "scientific" process for documenting and analyzing where clients were spending their time, how that time was either productively adding to or detracting from their business, as well as what efforts were creating positive returns or negative energy drains. The data is automatically translated into charts which allows the tool to provide clients with a visual snapshot of the business, which is often fantastically eye-opening to them in a way that no other print-out can be. Armed with this information, you are better able to pinpoint support needs, identify problem areas and make more purposeful, meaningful recommendations about where you can get started working together.

Instead of flying blind or passively waiting around to be told what to do (while the client is probably waiting for you to inform them!), you could be taking charge of your role as the administrative expert and identifying exactly what the best level of support is for new or existing clients. This also puts you in the driver's seat when it comes to getting more work from clients and increasing your revenue.

With this call, I want to help Virtual Assistants better understand how they can take on their role as the administrative expert and use this tool to their advantage to provide clients with the professional leadership and guidance they are desperately craving from Virtual Assistants. We'll cover:

  • Filling your role as the administrative expert
  • Taking charge of the delegation process
  • How leading your own processes actually helps clients
  • All the various ways you can utilize the tool with clients
  • How to use the tool and make recommendations
  • How you can use the tool to make more money with clients

I'll also be giving away one free Activity & Time Analysis Tool (a $67 value) to one lucky person on the call so be sure to attend. If you're a Virtual Assistant and you want to learn more about taking charge of the delegation process, if you've purchased the Activity & Time Analysis Tool already and want to know how to better utilize it, or if you are interested in the tool and want to learn more about how it can help you in your practice, this call is for you!


Until next time,

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