Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Fun Game of Tag

Colleen over at CMJ Office tagged me with this and I thought it would be fun to share. Thanks Colleen!

So, here’s my info for the tag.

10 Years Ago, I was…..

  1. Taking care of a newborn (my fourth).
  2. Operating my own home daycare.
  3. Only in my mid thirties.
  4. A lot slimmer than I am now.

5 Things on Today’s To-Do List……

  1. Work on transcription project.
  2. Do the Meals on Wheels route.
  3. Get laundry done.
  4. Work more on revamping my website.
  5. Get costumes ready for Halloween.

5 Snacks I Enjoy……

  1. Anything chocolate
  2. Sunflower seeds
  3. Pretzels
  4. Popcorn
  5. Jordan Almonds

5 Places I have Lived….

  1. Kincheloe AFB, MI
  2. Kokomo, Ind
  3. Clark AFB, Philippines
  4. Minot AFB, ND
  5. Beaverton, MI

5 Jobs I have had…..

  1. Nurse Aide Coop in a hospital
  2. Secretary at a print shop
  3. Daycare owner
  4. Legal assistant
  5. Office manager at a law firm

Bloggers I’m Tagging….

  1. Dawn over at The Egghead Blog
  2. Christine over at Christine Wade's Blog Group
  3. Cheryl over at CH Enterprises
  4. Danielle over at The Gritty VA
I could only think of four bloggers, so that's all I've tagged, but you can tag as many as you want!

Until next time,

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1 comment:

Colleen M. Johnson said...

Hooray for you Denise! Blog tag is fun. Glad you joined in. Now I know more about you. Wow, the Phillipines too. You've definitely seen the world.