Wednesday, May 20, 2009

FREE Teleseminar Tomorrow at VACOC

Tomorrow, in our continuing VACOC Guest Expert Teleseminar series, Jonathan Bailey of will be joining us to talk about the scourge of plagiarism on the Web and how you can protect your intellectual capital.If you've ever had your content reused without your permission, you know how frustrating copyright theft can be. Whether you are posting a blog, marketing copy or images on your Website, tracking your content on the Web is crucial to Internet success.

In this free teleseminar, Jonathan is going to show us how we can quickly and easily protect our content. We'll discuss everything from how to license your work, how to track it on the Web and how to stop infringements when you find them. He's going to cover:

* Steps you can take to reduce infringement of your work.
* Licensing strategies to let others use your content in a way that will work for you.
* Tracking tools for monitoring text and images on the Web.
* How to track down an infringer.
* How to get them to stop, without using an attorney.

Jonathan is going to share with us the techniques and strategies he has used to stop over 700 plagiarists of his own work and show you how to reduce the time it takes to handle a case of plagiarism to under 15 minutes. This is going to be a very interesting, practical and informative session!



Everyone is welcome so be sure and spread the word. In fact, we could really, really use your help! Sharing the invite is a great reason to post on your blog and by telling others in the listservs and forums you participate in, you become seen and known for being a great resource to others. Feel free to copy and paste anything you like from this post or from the registration page and tell all your biz buddies to come register.

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